Peer to Peer Support

PFLAG Canada Durham Region has been providing peer to peer support for many years.

This is a more individualized visit with two members of our volunteer who may have relative experiences you are going through.  We do our best to match your experience and needs, however every member of our our team is an active PFLAG member, volunteer and part of our family.

We will be meet you for a one hour meeting at a coffee shop within the Durham Region that is mutually convenient

These meetings are designed to give you a more personal and individual to your needs meeting for information or support.  We recognize in a group session it is not always easy to bring up what you are going through or ask questions that are personal to you.

To sign up for a Peer 2 Peer Meeting, click here, or fill in the form below.

Or if you prefer, please email us and a member of P2P will confidentially email you back.