In the Beginning

PFLAG Canada – Durham ON was formed in Oshawa, Ontario, in 2003, through the work of Durham residents, Francine Doucette and Lindsey Clarke. Francine and Lindsey had the passion for helping other families to understand and to accept as Francine’s son, who was Lindsey’s best friend, had recently come out of the closet.

ourkidsarefine2Francine and Lindsey connected with other PFLAG Chapters such as PFLAG Toronto to get the information and guidance needed. Later they became a Chapter of PFLAG Canada when the national organization was formed. Very few people showed up at the first meetings, but those who did were determined and dedicated. Josie Caruso was one of the first members of PFLAG Canada Durham and continues working today as one of the lead facilitators. The main goal of these meetings was to talk with parents, youth and families who were having trouble accepting that their children and/or friends and even themselves, were LGBTQ. There were also those parents and guardians who were concerned that their children would have a harder time in life because they were LGBTQ. PFLAG helped these parents and guardians see that their kids are fine just the way they are.