2019 Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Campers and their Parents/ Guardians will receive more detailed information in a camper package as we approach camp. This FAQ is simply a general idea for those who have never been.   We do not post the location publicly on the internet, is simply a need to know item –  email us, we will tell you, once we confirm you have an active application.

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Preparing Your Camper(s) for Camp

The camp is an exciting and fun-filled place – new friends, new adventures, new skills, stories, songs, campfires, games and many other things. The camp is also a very different place for first-time campers – different bed, different washroom, different schedule, different food, different experiences and different people. Along with the excitement of all these new and different experiences, there is bound to be some anxiety about some things. Here are a few suggestions you might try to keep the anxiety low and the anticipation high:

    • Read over this package with your camper(s).
    • Discuss what it means to have feelings of homesickness – usually, campers will feel homesick for the first day or so until they are accustomed to the routine.
    • Our mentors are committed to helping campers feel comfortable and campers very rarely go home due to homesickness.
    • Discuss what it might be like to live in a cabin with other campers, and how to go about making new friends.
    • Discuss the way problems can be solved at camp, including talking with their counselors.
  • Parents/guardians, prepare yourselves to miss your campers while they are at camp, yet know that they are safe, being well cared for by people who enjoy working with children and will always take time to listen.

What Parents, Guardians and Campers Need to Know

At our  Camp, we hope that the youth who participate in our programming enjoy an amazing week in our camp community while developing their skills.  At the same time, we recognize that our campers should be given the guidance they need to try new things, learn and grow in a safe and caring environment.  Rather than limit the experiences of campers, we have developed these guidelines to make sure that every camper is aware of how they can participate in making sure that they, their fellow campers and our staff, stay safe and have a great time.  

What to Pack

This list will help you make sure that you’ve got everything you need while you’re at camp.  When packing clothes, remember that camp is going to be for one week.  So make sure to take this into account when packing your clothing.  It’s also a really good idea to write your name or initials on clothing tags with a permanent marker.  

And, remember, extra socks always come in handy and light colours keep the flies away.

1 Suitcase or bag to pack stuff into 1 Biodegradable shampoo
1 Knapsack or bag to carry stuff from cabin row so you don’t have to keep running back 1 Pen or pencil
1 Sleeping bag* or

very warm blanket and single-bed sheets

Sanitary supplies
1 Pillow and pillow case 1 Insect repellent (no aerosol)
1 Jacket 1 Flashlight and extra batteries
2 Long-sleeved tops 1 Personal-size water bottle
7 Shirts (tanks or short sleeved)
2 Sweaters Note paper
5 Shorts or capri-style pants Stamped and addressed

envelopes or postcards

3 Jeans or pants Prescription and OTC medication

(in original containers, which will be provided to Camp Managers  on site registration)

7 Socks
7 Underwear
2 Warm pyjamas
2 Bathing suit Optional
1 Sturdy, closed-toe shoes (running shoes or hiking shoes) Musical instrument
1 Sandals Stuffed animal
1 Rainwear and rubber boots Book to read during bunk time
1 Sun hat (bandana alone is not enough) A costume or two
1 Bandana Journal
1 SPF30 sunscreen
1 Large towel
1 Small towel
1 Facecloth
1 Biodegradable soap (in container)
1 Toothbrush (in container) Please do not pack food (e.g., candy) or electronics (e.g., cell phones)
1 Toothpaste
1 Hand cleanser (alcohol-based)
1 Comb or hairbrush (if needed)

A Day in the Life of Camp

We have many exciting things planned for our campers and have put together a jam-packed week of activities.  It wouldn’t be the same if we gave away all of our surprises right now, but we want to give you an idea of what the camp schedule will look like and the kinds of stuff you can look forward to at camp.  

Beside the stuff below, that are things that you can expect in a typical day, there are also theme days, special all-camp activities, and a special talent night where campers can perform!  

The Cabin – The sleeping areas at camp this year are in one large cabin that has a common area, cubbies, and two rooms with 10 bunks (20 beds total) within. Sleeping areas are totally mixed. The bathrooms will be considered all-gender spaces. They have individual stalls. 

Camp Cleanser – Everyone will pitch to make sure camp is ready for us to use. This means that teams will be assigned daily chores, such as setting up for meals, cleaning up after meals, sweeping floors, etc.

Activities – Each day is packed with many different kinds of activities, including games, arts and crafts, leadership training, and hiking. We will even spend most of one day at a beach on Lake Simcoe.

Free Time – Most days, campers will have some time to take advantage of the shaded forest, work on some art projects, hang out in the cabin, or plan for the Talent Night.

Evening Activity – This is when we have some of the activities that everyone does together.  Whether it’s a campfire or a game of capture the flag, the evening activities are always some of the best.  Some nights, we have guests in to lead us in some activities.

A Day at the Beach – We have planned a trip to XXX Beach on the Wednesday of camp. For the most part, campers will be free to splash around in the water. However, we do have a few activities planned as well.

If there is something missing you need to know

feel free to email us – Camp@ click here