2019 Camp Keys Dates

2020 Dates Coming Soon


March 1st – Applications Open on line


May 1st – we will be sending out the first round of invites to camp  (we say first round, as people’s life situations change, they could get a job – add on family vacation etc)  as cancellations happen we go back to the List to
May 1st – We will be sending out the more detailed Medical, Dietary Restrictions Survey (Due by back by MAY 31st)
May 5th – we will be sending out information about the exciting things happening throughout the summer
May 31st – we will be sending out additional information to Jr Mentors see who we can invite (our goal is to invite as many as we can)


July 22nd – We will send out 
-What to bring / What not to bring
-Permission forms – signature sheets will be sent out with instructions on how to return them in person or electronically    Permission authorizations will be due back by Aug 2nd – electronically, post or in person drop off


Aug 1st – Drop off and Pick up instructions are sent out
Aug 10th – Waiting list is closed and final spots filled if needed


Wednesday Aug 21 – Camper Drop off
Sunday Aug 25 – Camper Pick up

You are more than welcome to email us (allow 24-72 hours for a response)
Camp Rainbow Phoenix Management Team